Spectacular New Japanese Poster for J.J. Abrams' 'Super 8'

First Showing says:

It's Close Encounters of the J.J. Kind. We are very excited to debut the official Japanese poster for J.J. Abrams' upcoming sci-fi movie Super 8 tonight, as you'll see below. Paramount has asked us to unveil this spectacular new poster to the world and I'm more than happy to do so, as this is the movie I am most excited to see this summer! The imagery, which has never been seen before, has a very Close Encounters of the Third Kind vibe to it, which makes sense considering the film is an homage to Spielberg's sci-fi classics of the 1970s, but I know Abrams' has crafted his own exciting, original story in the movie.

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Crazay4108d ago

I'd like to see an English version of this poster since I'll likely try and get one for this movie to put in my Home theater.

filmmattic4108d ago

Very cool poster. A little spoiler rich, but only for people, like myself, who have been following the progress of the release.

alycakes4107d ago

Yes, this is good. I love movie posters anyway.