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( Hoping for Once Upon a Time

Nightminx: This past week, ABC announced its 2011/2012 television schedule. Now, as I went through all the titles they gave of upcoming shows I wasn’t too thrilled with the selections they had listed. All were mostly copies and repeats with a small twist here and there to make it a different story from something that had obviously come before. Nothing really was floating my boat - until I came upon a new series called Once Upon a Time. I’m sure you are a smart cookie and can figure out a little of what this series is going to be about just by the title alone.

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alycakes4105d ago

This is one that I will be interested in. I'll have to see if it interfers with one of my other shows so I can record it. It is my type of story....very, very, strange. I like to think that I'm a little like that too. I don't like's just too boring.

Arcee4104d ago

There is this saying about normal people that I always remember.

"No good can come from being around normal people."

Normal is what pacifies the average TV viewer. Shows like this that attempt to break the norm are the shows that challenge viewers to think and evaluate the level of entertainment they are watching.

But back to this show, I want to check it out as well. When I first saw the trailer I immediately thought of the Vertigo comic book series Fables. It may not be the same, but it has that feel.