Stephen Fry Added To The Cast Of The Hobbit

CB says

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit has been in production for nearly a month now - check out the awesome first video blog that Jackson sent out after the production first began - but with the size and scope of the project, it should be no surprise that the casting is an on-going process. Set to be in filming for the next few months, some characters probably won't be needed on set for quite some time, and just to prove that, Jackson has invited two new actors to The Shire.

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Crazay4100d ago

That guy is a seriously big dude!

alycakes4100d ago

OMG! Is he ever! Wait a minute...Cast of Hobbit....what's wrong with this picture? I know there are other characters too but isn't this kind of ironic?

newn4gguy4100d ago


Stephen Fry is so awesome!