The Ten Spot: 10 Characters Killed By a Television

Jo Blo: So I asked my wife the other day, "Can you think of any movies where somebody gets killed by a television?" She just looked at me like I was speaking Frussian (a fine mixture of French and Russian, the two most annoying languages on the planet, by the way). And there you have the weekly routine of writing this column, riddling those closest to me with useless and trivial questions about film that should have no part in any conversation.

Megaton4515d ago

Hah, nice. I though of Grosse Point Blank when I saw the title. Clicked the article, saw it was pretty much all horror stuff, figured they weren't gonna include it. Nah, there it is, #2.

-MD-4514d ago

Never heard of it. Is it any good?

Megaton4514d ago

Yeah, I like it. A couple of my favorite roles for John Cusack and Dan Aykroyd.

alycakes4513d ago

The Ring would have been the only one I would have thought about on this....You'll have confused me.


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