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Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson Joins Odd Thomas

Coming Soon says:

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson will play a role in Stephen Sommers' adaptation of the Dean Koontz bestseller Odd Thomas, Variety reports.

He joins a cast that includes Anton Yelchin, Addison Timlin, Willem Dafoe, Patton Oswalt, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Nico Tortorella.

In the supernatural thriller, Yelchin plays a clairvoyant short-order cook who encounters a mysterious man with a link to dark forces.

Jackson will play Shamus Cocobolo, a blind deejay who helps the titular hero uncover a Satanic plot.

Odd Thomas will start filming soon in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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kulka4725d ago

i never really liked 50 cent :/

Crazay4725d ago

Me neither but for some reason I recall that he was in something and despite the movie being poor it wasn't even remotely his fault and people were actually impressed with him. A Dean Koontz adaptation should be good though.

frelyler4724d ago

Yeah a Koontz "adaptation" would be good if they just stuck to the f*&%ing source material. I have read the books in the series and there was never a cliche black DJ role. I am not being racist in anyway. If anything I am calling out the studios and writer of the script for being racist. Why add a part that was never in the story. The whole point of the story was that Odd was a loner and has very few friends and the ones he does have are eccentric or feel bad for him. The story revolved around the character having to take a very lonely path in life, he never had a side kick that helped him solve anything. This is so stupid. So many of Koontz's books would be awesome movies, just follow the books exactly and it will be good. Intensity is by far one of his best and some snot nosed director ripped it off to make high tension. Ugn, I hate Hollyshit. Koontz is one of my favorite authors and his material always gets hacked apart.

Crazay4724d ago

Wow - If they;re really doing that to this story and it's not at all how the book is portrayed, then that would piss me off too.

frelyler4724d ago (Edited 4724d ago )

Yeah sorry to rant. Koontz has written some really creepy and messed up books, he never gets the respect he deserves and has never gotten a movie made that is faithful to the source material. The closest thing is phantoms which did have morgan freeman, but rose mcgowen and ben affleck totally negate that one positive.

Crazay4724d ago

Oh no dude - I can totally understand the frustration.


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