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Dark Knight Rises Now Filming In London We Got a Quick Peek of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Costume

Monday night, the cast and crew of The Dark Knight Rises rolled up to the Farmiloe Building to begin their London shoot.

Word got out, so last night (Tuesday) we raced to the set, which director Christopher Nolan has used for the Gotham Police Department in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises.

We managed to get a few snaps of the area before security kindly requested that we stop (after hearing that they smashed a man's phone out of his hand, I obliged). So we stood in awe as the costume and make-up guys popped in and out of the heavily guarded shutter door to the set. Can confirm that Double Negative's Oscar-winning visual effects wizard Paul Franklin (Inception, The Dark Knight) was present.

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artsaber4098d ago

Hopefully we can get some decent details on this movie, without everything being spoiled.

Sahil4097d ago

i didn't knew joseph-lewiit was in the move, NICE!