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AICN Review - Mr. Beaks Broadsides Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

AICN says:

Fun fact: it's been nearly four years since Jerry Bruckheimer produced a bona-fide blockbuster for his corporate overlords at Disney. Keep this in mind should you succumb to the big-summer-movie seduction of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES. As you're paying premium prices to view this mega-budgeted monstrosity in the heightened format of your choosing, know that the primary service you're providing is one of getting a struggling hit-maker off the schneid. Bruckheimer is counting on your loyalty. He's hoping that the goodwill built up almost exclusively from THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL - as the last two movies have been routinely bad-mouthed by critics and fans alike (despite outgrossing the first installment) - will be all he needs to get in your pockets. As for making good on his part of the transaction and leaving you with a reasonably entertaining movie? Go f..k yourself.

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Crazay4100d ago

This is a bit of a downer to read. The review is incredibly scathing and sadly Mr.Beaks and I tend to agree on lots of things. I've always enjoyed his reviews so to see him lambaste this movie kinda bums me out a bit.

kulka4100d ago

I believe this movie will be a success despite not being a huge fan of it

Crazay4100d ago

I think it's going to make a tonne of cash too and I hope that I actually like it they way I want to.

alycakes4099d ago

I know I'm going to like it so I know I don't enjoy hearing someone giving bad review but I also believe that all are allowed their opinions. It doesn't sway me one way or the other but it does alter some people's choices of whether to see a movie or not.

artsaber4098d ago

Hmmm, I am more drawn to the special effects magic and world set more than anything else in this series. Does that make me a bad person?

Sahil4097d ago

Fantastic movie, loved every bit :)