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Am I Ugly Enough for an Oscar Now? 17-Plus Unsuccessful Attempts to De-Glamorize Movie Stars

AV Club - Movie stars often have a terrible handicap: They’re too beautiful. While it might make sense for Natalie Portman to play a stripper or a queen, it can be difficult to buy her as an average person. And it’s downright impossible to buy her as a sad sack in mom jeans and giant old-Jewish-man glasses whose greatest ambition in life is to finally work 20 hours a week at a small-town grocery store instead of the 15 she’s currently working.

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-MD-3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

Is it really so unbelievable to see Portman as a normal person? Take away her fame and money and she'd just be another chick.

Cat3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

You think? I think she's one of those naturally beautiful types. Yeah, I have a lady crush on her!

I think it amuses me more with those high school makeover type movies where they give the girl glasses and curly hair then they're all, Makeover!! Straighten her hair, give her contacts and OMG she's a whole new person! :D Like they weren't pretty to begin with.

(thanks for using my tips ;) )

gaden_malak3614d ago

Really? If I went to school with Portman I'd have a massive crush on her.

-MD-3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

I would too no doubt. I'm just saying that it's not hard to imagine a (any) celebrity as a normal person. Once you take away the fame and money they are just like any of us.

She's gorgeous sure but so are tons of other women. There are probably thousands of women more pleasing to the eye than Portman around the world. She's not "so" hot that she's in a league of her own or anything like that.

artsaber3614d ago

No make-up needed, she just has that natural beauty going for her. She'd look good covered in mud, wet, and ...... uhhh, nevermind.

alycakes3615d ago

There's just some people you can't make ugly no matter what you do. There should be a law against being so beautiful.

Megaton3615d ago

Charlize Theron's role in Monster was probably one of the most successful "uglifying" transformations.

Cat3614d ago

Ew, so true - the whole role was disgusting, that helped.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33615d ago

Jude Law in Road To Perdition also deserves a mention.

filmmattic3614d ago

Interesting opinion piece.

@ Defectiv3

How awesome is that movie!? It's so, so so good! Law does deserve a mention, especially in that final scene.

alycakes3614d ago

It was such a good movie and he does deserve that. It just doesn't get a lot better than that.