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Disney to Raise an Animated American

Coming soon says

Walt Disney Pictures is developing a project called Animated American with Robert Zemeckis and Bob Cooper attached to produce. Variety reports that Rob Edwards, the screenwriter behind The Princess and the Frog, has been brought aboard to draft.

Not unlike the world created in Zemeckis' Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Animated American will feature a reality of both cartoons and live-action people. The plot revolves around a cartoon baby raised by "humans" who, on his 18th birthday, decides to go in search of his birth family.

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Soldierone4101d ago

The idea has been done before, especially in video games, but still sounds cool. I just wonder how it will work with todays technology. Roger Rabbit was fun because it was actual cartoons blended with real it might look more realistic and lose that tone.

Crazay4101d ago

Roger Rabbit was AWESOME!!! I'd welcome a sequel to that move any day. It should be fun to see traditional cartoons integrated with Real life human actors again.

kulka4101d ago

cartoon and humans is a good combination
is this something like Garfild ?

Crazay4101d ago

Nothing like Garfield - Think Roger Rabbit or Space Jam.

alycakes4101d ago

What a wonderful idea! I think that would be fun to watch.

Crazay4101d ago

It's been a long time since traditional 2D animation was combined with Live action.