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Popwatch Review - 'Castle': Most Devastating Season Finale Ever?

Popwatch writes: The hour was everything that we love about the show. Castle season finale was everything anyone would hope for in a cliffhanger.

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-MD-4106d ago

"Castle season finale was everything anyone would hope for in a cliffhanger."

So shouldn't it be 5/5?

alycakes4106d ago

I really, really loved this finale. I had some idea of who they were looking for but I didn't want it to be true so I kept hoping for a better turn out.

At the didn't disappoint..the drama, losing one of their comrads, and there was even the best thing in there for the hopeless romantic. Now we have to wait and see what happens in the fall.

Crazay4105d ago

I've never seen an episode. For some reason it does nothing for me but I know lots of people who like it too.

alycakes4105d ago

Being a Nathan Fillion fan doesn't hurt I guess and I'm one of those that goes way back with him...I knew he was gonna make it big some day.

fury434105d ago

I actually saw the finale and have seen several of the shows. It's pretty good. I did like the way they ended this years season. I've gotta admit it was pretty good.

alycakes4103d ago

Like I said this was awesome and I just found out she wasn't wearing a vest. We know she can't die...she's the star of the show! But it's got to be bad...she looks dead!