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'The New Girl': Zooey Deschanel Show Preview

Long the cooler than cool, unshakeable indie girl with the siren voice that drove armies of plaid-clad men to soft songs on their iPods and late night viewings of "(500) Days of Summer," and sometimes the scorching tongue best friend, Zooey Deschanel is playing against that type completely for her big, breakout role.

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dweavis4104d ago

I absolutely love Zooey and I hope to God that Fox doesn't cancel this show like they do so many others. It is really good to see her take on such a different personality like this and it can only be seen as a good thing that we will now get weekly fixes of Zooey!

alycakes4103d ago

Best ever right? She is so much fun to watch when she's like this. I know the show is going to be great...we just need to get the word out.

ShAkKa4103d ago

This girl is co cute...

fury434103d ago

this is super funny even for guys to watch it's funny. I'm already hooked....hope all the episodes have something like this trailer on them.