Abraham Benrubi Gains Nearly 1,200 Pounds for 'Glutton

Bloody Disgusting says:

ER" alum Abraham Benrubi has been tapped to star as a 1,200-pound man in David Arquette's psychological thriller Glutton.

I'm already a bit grossed out.

Remember Dreaming Prods. is behind the 3D pic, which was written by Kenny Yakkel. "Benrubi will play Jethro, a bedridden man who is forced to save his sister's life."

An interesting plot tease that makes me expect to see a hefty amount of tension in the final product.

Glutton, which is described as being in the vein of Misery, is slated to start production in July in Canada.

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Crazay3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

WOW!!! That is some serious dedication. I hope this doesn't have any long term adverse effects on the poor guys health.

Megaton3616d ago

Pretty sure they don't mean literally. It would take years to gain that much weight.

Crazay3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

There was a hint of sarcasm that didn't come through there. Mind you he hasn't exactly been doing much the last few years. LOL


Megaton3615d ago

Guess I need to replace the batteries in my sarcasm detector.

-MD-3615d ago

I think my sarcasm detector is just flat out broken.

kulka3615d ago

lol this is crazy i wonder how is he going to lose the weight

Crazay3615d ago

LOL - Did everyone catch it on this one?

Sahil3615d ago

He won't until he gets another movie project, in which he's asked to play the role of a hot chick.. LOL

Sahil3615d ago

1200 punds.. how the hell is he going to reduce it, that is the main question.

kulka3614d ago

No way he can lose it he is risking his career

alycakes3615d ago

I'm sorry but I don't believe it. How can that be possible and why would anyone even ethically allow it?

They can make it look like he gained that much with the cameras these days....maybe he just gained 600lbs and they're gonna make it look like he gained 1200.

Nes_Daze3615d ago

Didn't christian bale do the opposite for a movie based on a prisoner or something like that?

Crazay3615d ago

Bale lost an insane amount of weight for The Machinist but not like that. Tom Hanks gained a bunch of weight then lost it all for Castaway.

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