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Top Ten Johnny Depp Performances | Matt's Movie Reviews

Counting down the Top Ten performances from eccentric method man Johnny Depp.

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Megaton4107d ago

How can you possibly neglect to include Fear and Loathing? List am disappoint.

JL4106d ago

Agreed. I can't take any list serious that doesn't include Fear and Loathing when talking about Depp's best roles. I think it's quite possibly his best performance to date.

And putting Dillinger above Jung? No way. His work in Blow has to go towards the top as well for me.

Megaton4106d ago

Agree on both points. I'd put Fear and Loathing at #1 and Blow in top 3. Even if this guy had put Fear and Loathing at 10, it would have been better than leaving it out entirely. It really is his best performance, IMO. He spent months living with Hunter to get all of his mannerisms right, and it totally came through.

filmmattic4106d ago

Absolutely. Fear and Loathing must be in Top 5, no questions asked. Terry Gilliam helped forge a tremendous performance from Del Toro as well. Awesome movie!

And Johnny Depp is the Man. I admire that dude's talent so much.

JL4106d ago

Yea, he really gave himself to that role and became the role. Living with Hunter and learning his ways, picking up his mannerisms and everything.

He gave himself to this role so completely that it even sticks with him to this day a bit. You can tell in the Jack Sparrow role especially how he's taken that and it shines through still to this day.

alycakes4106d ago

I'm disappointed too. There's just too many to leave out. I agree with some of them in there but Fear and Loathing should have gone in and there's just so many more. I think there's only one or two movies he's done that I didn't care for that much.

I would have trouble making a top 10.

Soldierone4106d ago

Does Depp even need a top ten list? Just say Johnny Depp and you will most likely find a good movie at the end of the tunnel lol

artsaber4106d ago

One of the few actors whose films I will usually give a look no matter what critics mat say.

alycakes4106d ago

Benny and Joon, The Nineth Gate, Nick of Time....all are totally different and soooo good.

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