Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Clip Features Zero Robot Fighting

CB says

When you reflect on Michael Bay's Transformers movies, what do you remember? The chaotic, ear-blasting, metal-on-metal action when giant space robots fight each other or the moments when the humans are talking with each other about something other than Autobots and Decepticons? If you said the latter, then you are going to totally love this new clip from Transformers: Dark of the Moon, hosted by Yahoo!

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Megaton3248d ago

One of my biggest gripes with these movies. It's all about the humans.

mindedone3248d ago

Absolutely no one is watching this movie for Sam Witwicky. Not even Shia LeBeouf.

Quagmire3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

I saw a robot. A pretty ugly one at that, disguised as an girl.

Fuck MB seriously. When I watch Transformers, I want to see robots duking it out on cybertron with big ass guns and bots.

Not a pointless love life and high school problems on earth.

Crazay3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

I can understand some of the criticism that people have towards the series but none of that makes me dislike it. Would it be cool to see the war that broke up Cybertron? Absolutely it would but then we'd be looking at a CG animated movie because let's be honest here - Earth ain't no Cybertron.

I like the series the way it is.

alycakes3248d ago

I think we're going to see plenty of robots duking it out as Quagmire wants. I believe that's what I saw at the movies previews yesterday and there was a lot of it. Total destruction was what I saw....I don't think we'll be looked really good.