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Bone-idle : Attack The Block Review

Bone-idle writes "Ever wonder if there really was a use for hooded youths who spend most of their days generally arsing about and acting the bollocks? Well wonder no more as director Joe Cornish (Of ADAM AND JOE fame) has finally found a useful way for them to help out the community in a movie that is best described as the bastard lovechild of ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 and CRITTERS."

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Attack The Block 2 Officially In The Works, John Boyega To Return

Attack the Block 2 is officially in the works, with Joe Cornish returning to direct and John Boyega back on board to star.

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What Made Joe Cornish’s ‘Attack the Block’ so Fresh and Lively

What made Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block so fresh and lively in comparison to its American counterparts?

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Joe Cornish Talks His Favourite Alien Invasion Movies

Since making its debut at the SXSW festival back in March 2011, Attack the Block has garnered a cult following with its tale of Brit hood teens VS man eating alien invaders winning acclaim worldwide.

With the film about to be released on Blu-Ray/DVD in Australia, director Joe Cornish talks to Matt’s Movie Reviews about his favourite alien invasion movies.


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alycakes4341d ago

Invasion of the Body Snatchers will always be my favorite.