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Michael Keaton’s Dark Memories of ‘Batman’ and Shining Love for ‘Beetlejuice’

HeroComplex says:

In cold, final weeks of 1988, there was plenty of hard labor on the London set of Tim Burton’s “Batman,” but actor Michael Keaton had it easy, at least as far as inspiration — the star was in a solitary mode, roaming the streets before dawn just like the haunted masked man of Gotham City.

“It was a lonely time for me, which was great for the character, I suppose,” said Keaton, now 59, reflecting on the film that paved the way for the crowds of superheroes in cinemas today. “I would run at night in London just trying to get tired enough so I could sleep. I didn’t talk to people much. My little boy was a toddler, and the woman I was married to at the time, we were not together but we were trying to figure it out and get back together.

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Crazay4761d ago

I always liked Michale Keaton - He's done some great roles in his time. I thought he was a really good Bruce Wayne but I always thought he was at his best in his more comedic works. Beetlejuice and Multiplicity are 2 that come right to mind. Would be kinda nice to see him as a relevant actor in Hollywood again.

alycakes4761d ago

Me too...I liked him a lot but you know what role I just loved him in? Night Shift....That was one of the funniest movies ever. I will never forget him in that.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34761d ago

Michael Keaton is great. Sad that he couldn't be a part of Batman 3 but he was right, don't want no scrubs.

Megaton4761d ago

Always been a fan, especially for Beetlejuice. Wore out my old VHS copy of that movie.

alycakes4761d ago

Time for an upgrade Megaton.

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