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Is There Still Hope for 'Locke & Key'?

EW Says:

The producers of Locke & Key aren’t giving up without a fight. Though Fox passed on the buzzworthy pilot that’s based on a comic book by Joe Hill, sources say 20th Century Fox TV is talking to Syfy and The CW about picking up the project.

The latter seems less likely, since the fifth broadcast network tends to skew toward young female viewers and next season’s schedule is pretty locked in at this point. But the project is completely on brand for Syfy, if the economics could make the show work on basic cable. Don’t get your hopes up, though, fans: Making the leap from broadcast pilot to a cable network doesn’t happen very often, and Locke isn’t the only busted genre pilot to approach the cable network. But know there’s still attempts being made to get this on the air.

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Crazay4101d ago

I really really hope that this show finds a new home. The writer of the comic series is the son of Stephen King.

alycakes4100d ago

What's the basic story line for Lock & Key? I don't believe I'm familiar with this one.

Crazay4100d ago

Check this link out for more details on the story Aly

alycakes4100d ago

Thanks...I'm sure we'll be hearing more and I want to be informed.