MSN Movies - 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' Review - Roll With It

MSN: You ever wonder why film critics seem so hostile to contemporary 3-D movies? It's the glasses. As hard as it is to take notes in the dark (and, yes, the conscientious film critic does take notes -- it's like working!), the task is even more difficult when one is wearing the tinted 3-D glasses that are required to make the "magic" happen. One sometimes resorts to pushing the glasses up one's brow to look down at the notebook page and make sure one isn't scrawling over what one has already written. This also often has the result of obliging the film critic to miss an essential bit of the "exciting action" that the 3-D Magic is supposed to make even more exciting. So if you're reading a review of a 3-D movie that the critic doesn't like and the critic seems unusually het up about the whole thing, that's one reason why.

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