Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Has Extra Scene After the Credits

Just like previous Pirates of the Caribbean movies, there’s also an extra scene after the credits of On Stranger Tides that already hints at a sequel. Check out more information and spoilers below.

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darklordzor4109d ago

Wouldn't call this at all surprising. They did this since the first film, and it's only natural they'd have it continue. They've already talked about a sequel so it is likely anything after credits could be a set up. Although normally, their after credit scenes had nothing to do with a sequel, but were kind of fun.

alycakes4109d ago

You just don't get up until it's all over....credits and all. That just goes without saying anymore on certain movies.

Sahil4102d ago

missed those in the theater but saw them on youtube, the solution to every pronblem :)