Player Affinity | Smallville - Finale Review

Player Affinity writes: With only one exception, all major characters that ever appeared on Smallville were brought back for the series finale. The 2-hour episode first reminded us why we cared for those characters in the first place. It then tied some loose ends before (and after) leading us through an epic and breathtaking — even if slightly imperfect — ending to the saga

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alycakes3239d ago

You're right except for his first best friend in high school, Pete. Pete was also the first friend that found out his secret and had to move away for his own safety. No one ever said whatever happened to him.

It was a good ending to the 10 yr show. I thought they did a good job except for making Lex president.

gaden_malak3239d ago

Lex being President is cannon.

fury433238d ago

It was an okay ending. I thought it was a little slow.