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Martin Campbell Not Planning On Returning To Direct Green Lantern 2!

ComicBook Movie says:

According to the latest issue of Total Film Magazine, the director will not be back to helm any future installments in Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's upcoming, Green Lantern...
In the July issue of Total Film, it has seemingly been revealed that the director of Casino Royale, Edge of Darkness and most recently, Green Lantern, will in fact NOT be returning for any future installments of Warner Bros. and DC Entertainments latest superhero franchise.

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darklordzor4106d ago

Hmmm....makes me wonder if there isn't some other reason, outside of he just doesn't like doing sequels? I hope that's all there is, but if GL turns out to be great, then it'll suck to have to switch directors.

Crazay4106d ago

That's immediately what came to mind for me too. I'm wondering if he was strong armed into doing some things he didn't agree with for whatever reason.

alycakes4106d ago

Well, if you look at his history you'll see that he only worked once on a sequel and that was with the Zorro movie. He directed 2 Bond movies but with 2 different actors.

I don't know...but it looks like he did a hell of a job on the Green Lantern from what I've seen so far....can't wait.

darklordzor4106d ago

Agreed, but that's what's going to suck. If it is amazing (like it looks) then we won't get to have him come back for a sequel.

alycakes4106d ago

We'll see...that's a long way off. Hopefully, since it will be a big hit (and it will) he'll reconsider.

fury434105d ago

I think it will be okay in the long run. I don't worry about it before it time to even have anything to worry about.