Red Riding Hood Hitting Blu-Ray With An Alternate Cut

CinemaBlend says

Catherine Hardwicke's Twilight-friendly retelling of Little Red Riding Hood had some good things go for it. Lush visuals. A cast including Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried. Werewolves. Granted, Red Riding Hood automatically lost points for including a character with Edward Cullen hair, but then again, I probably wasn't the target audience. If it was up your alley, however, you may want to put in your pre-orders, because the Blu-ray version will include an alternate cut of the movie.

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alycakes4109d ago

I wanted to go see this when it came out and something always came up and I never did. I know this is one of those type of movies that I like so I'm going to be getting it whenit comes out I just wish I'd had the chance of the big screen viewing.