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Yabba Dabba Doo! Seth MacFarlane Finally Gets Go-Ahead To Reboot 'The Flintstones'

Deadline says

Seth MacFarlane is one of the busiest creatives in show business -- and he just got a lot busier. I've just learned that he's finally realized one of his life's ambitions: to reboot The Flintstones as a TV and film property. My scoop today follows years of very complicated negotiations between 20th Century Fox TV, where McFarlane is based, and Warner Bros Television, which owns the rights to the series after absorbing The Flintstones' famed producer Hanna-Barbera. Not only did the suits have a ton of deal points to work through, but I hear the "Yabba Dabba Doo" prehistoric family sitcom's rightholders were somewhat concerned how the classic series would be interpreted given MacFarlane's brand of raunchy comedies like Family Guy.

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Crazay4673d ago

This is super exciting. The Flintstones are practically an institution all their own. COuple that with Seth Macfarlane's sense of humor, I see this doing very well but I'm wondering what direction he's going to take. Will this be more directed to the 15+yrs olds or total family oriented? I suspect it's more geared towards adults since I really can't foresee him doing anything G rated...EVER!

nopunctuation4672d ago

Oh man are they gonna cancel the simpsons this time to make room for another one of his useless spinn offs. Most people dont know that he actually missed the plane that hit the WTC. I wish he hadnt because he has single handedly murdered television with his cheap flashback jokes and the killing of king of the hill. Why do people still watch family guy? That show is like vomit in animated form. American dad is just family guy with inverted characters and dont get me started on the cleveland show. Seth Macfarlane, you have signed your deal with the devil to get where you are. Why dont you kindlytake your unearned billions and burn out before you fade away.

ECM0NEY4672d ago

Your the one spewing vomit dude.

I loved The Simpsons but they have run their course.

How can u hate on Seth? The only thing that is better then Family Guy is South Park...

Megaton4673d ago

That's actually pretty awesome. Very curious to see how he's gonna do it.

gaden_malak4672d ago

don't know how Seth will work it with his formula:


mindedone4672d ago

That's hilarious, the only thing that is missing is slide scales for each character's level of stupidity/hotness/loserness/ha te/sadism/friendliness

JL4672d ago

First, let me say that I like Seth MacFarlane's work. I absolutely love Family Guy and it's one of my all-time favorite shows. Also, I used to very much enjoy The Flintstones as a kid. The idea of bringing them back sounds pretty cool.

Now, that being said, I'm not sure this is a good coupling. I just don't see MacFarlane's sense of humor blending well with what I know to be The Flinstones. And we can't turn the Flintstone family into some edgy family. At least not in that raunchy sense. The Flintstones need to be closer to a slightly less white-trash version of the Conners (that's a Roseanne reference) rather than another Griffin family. And that's not just because Goodman played Fred in the movie, though he made an ideal Fred.

On top of that, let's be honest here: as much as I love his work, all of Seth MacFarlane's work is the same. I really don't want to see The Flinstones turned into Family Guy 3,000 BC.

Crazay4672d ago

You're right JL - It's one of those things that I'm excited about the concept but have some minor concern over how it;s going to be treated. What I'd like to see is a slightly edgier more adult themed show but still have it directed at families. Kinda like how Shrek is a "Family" movie but it has some more adult type themes and jokes peppered throughout that adults appreciate.

darklordzor4672d ago

I don't think he'd turn it into that honestly. Seth McFarlane can do clean humor. I mean, watch the first couple seasons of Family Guy and you won't find the crude and raunchiness that is in there now. It was far cleaner, but made good use of the goofy aspects.

On top of that if you've seen anything he made in college (a couple used to be on Cartoon Network as little in between shorts) you'll see a good clean sense of humor, that'll still have you rolling on the ground. He's got the capability, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what he does with it.

I guess this more than likely means, it'll have a home on Fox.

Megaton4672d ago

I agree that I don't want it to just become a carbon copy MacFarlane comedy, but I have a feeling he's not gonna do that. If they reached a deal after so long, I've gotta believe that he's agreed not to turn it into a raunchy mess, or at least tone it waaaaaaaaaaaay down. I'm very interested.

alycakes4672d ago

I am on the same page as both of you on that. Seth is very funny and I love him. But there are some things that should just be left alone. I don't know...I watch some of his stuff and some is toooooo much. He needs to be careful with The Flintstones and not take it too far and offend the wrong crowd.

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