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AICN - First Review of Transformers: Dark of the Moon

AICN: Hey everyone. Capone here.

It's very late in Chicago right now, and I contemplated getting a decent night's sleep before tackling this review. But I'll be honest, the way my brain is spinning right now with thoughts of images I've just seen and the sheer destruction I've just experienced, sleep ain't happening. You see, I've just come from seeing TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, the third and easily best entry in the Michael Bay-directed franchise, and all I wanted to do when I left the theater was gaze upon my beautiful city, just to make sure it was in one piece.

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-MD-4727d ago

I don't want to read it to avoid spoilers but if it truly is the best one so far then I'm happy to hear it.

I'll be seeing this in theaters.

filmmattic4727d ago

Completely with you on everything you just wrote. Don't want to be spoiled by early reviews. But I'm glad to see AICN use phrases like "best entry," "clever script," and "strong effort" to describe it. It's now one of my most anticipated movies of the summer.

Crazyglues4726d ago

Yeah this is a Must-See, I only come out for the really big Movies these days (the big budget block-busters) the one's that look really good...

This is indeed that type of Movie, I know Michael Bay will not disappoint.. and I'm more then happy to support this film...

Should be Epic

JL4727d ago

It's already been one of my more anticipated movies. People can say what they will about the other two (especially the second), but I've enjoyed both so far and they've been great popcorn flicks. So I'm definitely interested in this one.

Count me in on not reading this too. Don't want to spoil anything. But glad to see how they label it as best entry. Should make it even more fun for me since I've already enjoyed the "inferior" entries. I know the trailers have been awesome looking and had some pretty epic stuff.

Whoooop4727d ago

Nothing wrong with that...

These type of movies are the only thing that wakes me up from my trance of watching dozens of fantastic, but too serious/intense dramas and thrillers.

Long Live Cameron bitch!!!! ;)

JL4727d ago

Indeed. Sometimes just need to get away from the serious dramas or thrillers and just have some mindless entertainment to shut off your brain and just enjoy the pretty pictures.

By the way, I don't know this Cameron hack you're talking about. Is he the one that directed the inferior Pocahontas-story movie where he got the Smurfs to star in it? :P

Long live Michael Bay when it comes to good ole fashioned mindless entertainment with pretty pictures :D

Whoooop4727d ago


Long live movies mate.

hazelamy4727d ago

there was no way i was gonna miss this film anyway, but it's nice to see it's actually good.

Sahil4727d ago

Ahhh.. good to see a positive review, will definately watch this now!

Nes_Daze4726d ago

Well that's a relief, good review.

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