Netflix Finalizes Deal to Be the First to Stream Miramax Films

Netflix has just finished signing a deal which brings Miramax classics such as Pulp Fiction, Scream, Kill Bill, Clerks, Good Will Hunting and many others to the streaming service. This will be the first time Miramax titles have been available through a digital rental service.

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Megaton4103d ago

I was gonna submit this one, pop my Filmwatch cherry. Beaten to the punch.

I swear I've seen Good Will Hunting on streaming before.

RememberThe3574103d ago

Yeah I think it was through the Starz thing they have. I think it's actually in my instant que right now, or it was.

JL4103d ago

lol Sorry Megaton. There's plenty of good news out there to submit, though, to pop that cherry. Especially considering we don't have a lot of huge contributors.

But yea, got the press release for this and it kind of explained to me why Pulp Fiction and others didn't start streaming a couple weeks back when they were planned to. Guess they didn't get the deal wrapped up when they thought they would.

Glad to see the deal's done, though. Having movies like Pulp Fiction and Clerks and Bad Santa will be cool. And could definitely go for having the Halloween and Scream franchises put on there.

Cat4103d ago

Coming on the heels of reports comparing physical media sales to streaming, very timely! (Netflix ftw!)

JL4103d ago

Netflix ftw indeed. I love it. Especially the instant service. And Netflix seems to be making more and more big moves lately, too.

Megaton4103d ago

I'll 3rd that. Netflix ftw!

Still waiting for them to get [adult swim] material on streaming. Hopefully that happens sometime this year.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34103d ago

It will be nice to get some selection of titles on Netflix Instant, as it stands it's basically Starz on demand. Starz is being offered free through most cable providers through the next year; it makes it hard for me to warrant paying for Netflix, especially when the availablity of new releases through the mail is highly limited.

mindedone4102d ago

New films always welcomed. The ones they mentioned I already have on DVD though, I'll have to check out their website for others.

alycakes4102d ago

You guys are selling me on Netflix...I'm gonna have to give in.