New Star Trek: Animated Series Being Planned?

Cinema Blend says:

Star Trek: The Animated Series was a strange experiment in bringing more adult-themed adventure programming in the animated world, back when it happened in the early 70s. You might assume it was the result of someone who didn’t understand Star Trek thinking that it was kids stuff, but somehow the animated series avoided being a totally dumbed down version of the show. It was an interesting, side trip into the Trek universe at a time when there was no actual live action Star Trek out there for fans to consume. A time a lot like now.

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Crazay4103d ago

I would totally watch this. In my older age I love Star Trek when I used to make fun of it growing up.

alycakes4102d ago

I didn't really care for it much except for a few episodes being the Tribbles one and The Bad Seed episode with Ricardo Montalban who later came back and did the movie with the them The Wrath of Khan.

I might actually enjoy this too.