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‘Breakout Kings’ Review: Off The Beaten Path - TVoTV

The Voice Of TV: It took eleven episodes, it had its ups and downs, it had its “close encounters” but I can finally say that Breakout Kings has wowed me. The season’s third episode featuring the return of Theodore Bagwell from Prison Break was for some time the episode I’d compare the rest of the season to. ”Off The Beaten Path” now takes over, with just two episodes left. The one hour thrill ride addressed nearly every issue I had with the show – it broke it’s routine, it featured realistic and related plot points, more backstory was included, and the conclusion was one that for once we were at the ‘edge of our seats’ for.

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alycakes4100d ago

With each episode I'm liking this show and these characters more and more. They are getting to know each other's strong and weak points with each con they track down. This one was a hard one for Erica because it brought back bad memories of what she did to revenge her father's death.....I think she came thru in the end.

It's a good show. 2 more till the finale and I hope they bring it back for more.