Shadowlocked - Game Of Thrones S1E5 Recap

Shadowlocked - Summary: Lord Ned and King Robert have a major falling out, over the fact that the King wants to assassinate the now-pregnant (so now-dangerous) Daenerys Targaryen. It ain't easy, being the moral center of the show. Tyrion the Imp is the captive of Lady Cat, who takes him to her sister's home in the Eyrie ... and it is ... eerie! Cat believes that Tyrion sent the assassin after Bran ... her sister Lysa jumps on the blame train (her crazy train left the station ages ago) and accuses Tyrion of killing Jon Arryn. Arya, still training with her dancing master, overhears a disturbing conversation...but not as disturbing as the kid in the Eyrie. (Make him fly? Make him shut up! He's freaking me out.) Jaime Lannister hears about Tyrion's capture and imprisonment and decides to take action himself. In the words of It's Always Sunny, someone gets fork-stabbed.

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