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Of Gods and Men Review | Free Static Movement

A rather dramatic little review of "Of Gods and Men" on Free Static Movement:

"Of Gods And Men’s opening minutes can quite accurately be paralleled to spending the same amount of time contemplating a quiet scenery. At first glance, you absorb the colors, the tranquility, and the general way of things, but only at a macroscopic level. It might touch you, but only superficially, provoking maybe a smile or a carefree thought. By then, however, the vast majority of people would simply get bored and avert their attention or break the silence.

To the more patient minority who resist that temptation, however, a whole new world is revealed. The small details become incredibly vivid and meaningful, the subtle breezes and aromas feel purposeful and urgent, and the atmospheric chirping in the background suddenly becomes majestic and amplified, playing like an orchestra hidden behind the trees and the clouds – and that’s when it hits you."

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