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Metro Times: Hesher Review - Darkly Funny, Refreshingly Blunt, Middle Finger to Conventionality

Metro Times: For those not versed in dated mall lingo, a "hesher" was a particular breed of long-haired, pre-grunge headbanger, similar to a burnout; but usually distinguished by more grime and a nastier attitude. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has attitude in spades as the title character, a living personification of the scraggly social misfits who'd do donuts in suburban parking lots.

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Soldierone4103d ago

I really want to see it but its not playing in any of my local theaters...

JL4103d ago

Yea I'm in the same boat. The unfortunate part about living in a small city. Though, we do have a small film society here that brings some of these more obscure indie movies to this one theater here for like one weekend sometimes. Maybe I'll luck out and they do that with this one.

Soldierone4102d ago

The thing is Im not in a small city. Its run by Harkins which has gone on the become the largest chain in the west coast, except maybe AMC.

And yet I checked my movies app and so on and it isn't even listed anywhere.

JL4102d ago

Well I don't mean to say I live in Mayberry or anything lol Just a smaller city. I don't live in/near a city like LA or New York or Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, etc.

That being said, the movie has only opened in 42 theaters according to the data I'm seeing.

Sahil4102d ago

only 42.. man, that could be a record!