Comingsoon - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Review

Comingsoon: There's a famous saying about giving the people what they want and with that in mind, the fourth installment of Jerry Bruckheimer's pirate adventure franchise, and the first in four years, puts Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow front and center for a new adventure that offers a self-contained story, a bunch of new characters, a couple of old standbys, but doesn't justify itself by barely trying to improve on what's come before.

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alycakes4111d ago

But it really doesn't matter, does it? Why? Because it's Johnny Depp...It's Captain Jack Sparrow...and that character can entertain. His performances take you with him wherever he goes and you sit there and enjoy them. I've not been disappointed yet.

I'll let you know when I am.

JL4111d ago

Fully agree. I don't care what any reviews say I'll be watching this and having a good time I'm sure. Even the third one (which got ripped in reviews) I thoroughly enjoyed. Jack Sparrow is just awesome and always a delight to have on-screen.