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Cinemablend - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Review

Cinemablend: Jack Sparrow is many things-- one of the most iconic movie characters of the last decade, maybe the best role Johnny Depp will ever have, a presence who can make pretty much any movie feel like a sprightly adventure. But he's not a character to build a movie around, something Disney tried to some degree with the second two Pirates films and goes for full-throttle in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Though Johnny Depp is more than up for it, hopefully not only because the franchise has made him unimaginably rich, the movie never rises above anything but basic competence and a handful of surprises.

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alycakes4675d ago

It's funny what Jerry Bruckheimer was saying and Johnny Depp verified on David Letterman once....they wanted to fire him after the first week on the very first Pirate of the Caribbean. They didn't like him, they didn't understand him and didn't get what he was trying to do with the character.

I guess they they figured it out all the way to bank...huh?

filmmattic4675d ago

Johnny Depp is an amazing chameleon, but it doesn't seem that Stranger Tides revitalizes the series. Disappointing.

Sahil4674d ago

just 3/5.. it was amazing, shud've been atleast 4.5 :)

alycakes4674d ago

It doesn't really matter. It's whatever is in the eyes of the audience....and there will be plenty of that.

fury434673d ago

I'll be there Friday first thing to see it.


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