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Daily Express - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Film Review

Daily Express: This fourth instalment is marginally shorter, much tighter in its focus and a considerable improvement on the third film in the series which was so bloated and chaotic that it almost convinced us to let Johnny Depp and his scurvy crew walk the plank and never darken a multiplex again.

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artsaber4669d ago

I guess I have a soft spot for the Pirates series.

Quagmire4668d ago

Its got that classic blockbuster vibe which franchises like Indian Jones and Star Wars had.

Its got action, comedy, adventure, great special effects, decent story, memeorable quotes and characters, and all over fun!

I hate how for a film to be considered good must fuck with your mind in an intellectual way. Not that i dont mind mindfuck films, but what happened to films being just a pure form of entertainment for pleasure?


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