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Fox Schedule Intel: 'Terra Nova' On Monday?

Deadline says:

Right after NBC, it is Fox's presenting its fall schedule tomorrow. After making some major scheduling moves last year with shifting American Idol to Wednesdays and Thursdays and launching a Glee-anchored comedy block on Tuesdays, the network is expected to bet on stability this year, especially after both gambles this season largely paid off. Idol is expected to keep its Wednesday-Thursday airing pattern, which would be mirrored in the fall by X Factor, whose 90-minute Wednesday show will probably be used to launch a new comedy the way American Idol has done it.

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Crazay4102d ago

I'm glad they gave Fringe anothewr full season order but would feel better if they;d just move it to another night - maybe even have it lead in with Terra Nova for a sci-fi night.

alycakes4101d ago

I'm glad they left Fringe on Friday but they could have put Terra Nova on Friday before or after them....that might have worked for them.

Crazay4101d ago

Friday night is a death slot.I wish they'd move Fringe back to Monday with this show.

alycakes4101d ago

No,no,no....Monday night is already toooooo full for me. I already have trouble handling Monday nights with House, Castle, Hawaii 5-0, H. I guess they could put it on after House where Chicago Code was since I prbably won't be watching 2 and 1/2 Men anymore anyway.