Cartoon Network = Ruining Children

First MTV stops showing music videos, now this? Cartoon Network is sticking with the “Network” portion of its name, but ditching the strictly “Cartoon” bit, the company announced today. Nineteen new projects were announced, and less than half will be hand-drawn.

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Megaton4519d ago

"Then, after sun down, it transfers to “Adult Swim.” A station that is for adults, but on the same channel that thousands of kid go to every day. This used to be full of anime, but now it’s full of very explicit cartoons. I don’t hate these cartoons, but to have it on a channel which kids hope to see their favorite characters learn life morals?"

It switches over to [as] pretty late after sundown, and it's just recycled Fox cartoons until around midnight when all of these supposed nocturnal children are being "ruined" by explicit cartoons. I'm all for a good rant, but this is pretty weak.

artsaber4518d ago

I agree that perhaps "Adult Swim" should be on a separate station. I realize it is not cost effective and won't happen. But I did find it strange that a kid could go to sleep Friday night watching Cartoon Network, parents come in, turn off the TV. Kid wakes up at 3am or so for whatever random reason, hits the power button on the remote, and are instantly watching inappropriate material.

But I do feel that the responsibility is ultimately up to parents to police their children's content. But the show formatting on Cartoon Network and their "after hours" programming is indeed accessible to the wrong audience, even by accident. I don't believe it is a good format for the station children-wise.

What if PBS turned into the porn channel after 3am? Ok that would be great but you get my point. The kids guys, remember the kids!

Nes_Daze4518d ago

I think the cartoons of today on cartoon network are just stupid and show kids all the wrong paths you can take in life. They are very inappropriate and hardly funny. As for Adult Swim, i understand where the author is coming from, but I think the main part of the problem are the shows shown throughout the middle of the day.

alycakes4518d ago

Yes cartoons have changed so much. I can hardly believe what I see sometimes. I know they are nothing like what I grew up with. They are a lot more violent and kids are doing a lot more bad things. Some do show good morals at the end but how do we know the children are getting that out of it?

It seems like the tv is made the babysitter sometimes for the adults.

RememberThe3574518d ago

The last shows I liked from Cartton Network were Chowder and Flapjack. Ever since they canceled Toonami they've been on a downward spiral. Adult Swim is really the only thing that that channel has going for it and they turned that into a different network so Cartoon Network pretty much just blows now.

CrescentFang4518d ago

I don't actually watch TV that much, but when I turn it on sometimes I have found 2 recent shows to be good which were the Regular Show and Adventure Time. However I have not seen them on a regular basis and have only watched them a few times, but it was enjoyable for me (growing up with Toonami and stuff, though I did remember Batman on at midnight or something, but that was long ago and I can't remember correctly)
Though I'm not sure if I'm right with this, but could the(average) shounen anime ruin children the same way as these shows on adult swim? I know it may be stupid since I added in shounen (which makes it more specific instead of anime, since there is mature anime, but shounen seems to be quite popular in the US and the norm the is shown on TV)


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