'Smallville' Recap: Did 'Finale' Satisfy? Also: Were We Set up for a Sequel Series?

EW says

The very first episode of Smallville brought the last son of Krypton to Earth amid a terrorizing shower of radioactive meteor rocks. The very last episode of Smallville propelled the budding Superman into his adult life as a full-fledged superhero amid the Biblically apocalyptic arrival of one very big orb of extraterrestrial death – the flaming planet of Apokolips, (pronounced “a-pock-o-leepse,” per Granny Goodness), the awful abode of an entity that (again per Granny) we’ve been confusing for the likes of Hades and Loki and even Satan for as long as humans have been telling stories about gods and monsters, angels and demons, heroes and villains.

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mindedone4111d ago

I don't think the ratings pointed towards it, but I would watch

Crazay4111d ago

Ratings were up considerably from what I understand

mindedone4111d ago

They were only up for this last season though

Soldierone4111d ago

I watched it believe it or not. It was decent but it seemed really rushed. To me it seemed like they needed at least two episode to help finish it off.

There will be more, not because of the story, but because CW has nothing.

Crazay4111d ago

i love Smallville. We've missed the last 4 seasons though for a variety of reasons

gaden_malak4111d ago

It's a shame Welling didn't wear the suit (for whatever reason) but loved the ending.

alycakes4110d ago

He did wear the suit at the end. They didn't show close ups of him with the whole suit on but they showed him flying at a distance and then when they showed him close up they show a slight reflextion of his upper chest and arm.

I watched the 2 hour finale and the first hour was a little slow and draging but then it got pretty good when the action started. I also believe it could have used another two hours but like I said to begin with....he wasn't suppose to wear the suit or use the name Superman in the original contract. Who knows what they had to do to get an agreement for the little bit they got at the end of the finale, which was good enough in my book to finish off the it or gone for good.

Maybe a spinoff of the Justice League?