‘Monsters’ Sequel Will Be a ‘Heart of Darkness’ Tale

Bleeding Cool says

Answering my old question about whether the sequel to Monsters will be a new movie or a TV series, Vertigo Films have announced a follow-up movie over at Cannes.

Set to enter production this September, and likely to be shot in Argentina, the second film will tell a new story set in the same world as the first. Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas are set to direct, making their feature debut after the short film Now and Nowhere, as well as several ads and music promos. Now and Nowhere was certainly interesting* so that’s encouraging.

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-MD-4105d ago

They're making a sequel? The first one was boring enough.

No thanks.

Crazay4104d ago

I thought the original was quite good especially when you consider the budget it had. It was quite an astonishing achievement for the team.

-MD-4104d ago

It was pretty deceiving though. I wasn't expecting a road trip movie but that's what it was.

SRTold4103d ago

I am so not surprised to see that this was a low budget movie... but so was Saw and Napoleon Dynamite. They were amazing movies. This movie was horrible. Bad writing, decent special effects on the "monsters", but no special effects anywhere else really. Horrible acting, and horrible directing. The only thing this movie succeeds at is having the ability to rip people off by telling them it is something that it is not, and having them only find out after purchasing it.

The cover art on the dvd case is much better than the entire movie.

Crazay4104d ago

Ya - that's true but i found that it had a decent edge and kinda built a nice atmosphere which had me interested.

SRTold4103d ago

I found that there was a constant buildup to nothing, followed by the same over and over..

TheKindRoost4103d ago

closed minded much, this was more than just alien invasion movie.

-MD-4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

It was everything BUT an alien invasion movie. That's the entire problem with it.

You guys can disagree all you want but it was a road trip movie.

FlashBack4104d ago

Cool, all right

Fun Fact: It has been released last week in my country, in limited release, not in my region, can you believe that?

Not saying I will pirate it, but isn't stuff like this that promote piracy?

Crazay4104d ago

No - I don't believe you at all. They haven;t even started on the sequel yet.

FlashBack4103d ago

I was criticizing my country, not the movie

alycakes4103d ago

I don't know about this...what Monsters are we talking about?

JL4103d ago

It's this Monsters here:

It's a British sci-fi movie. Frankly, I was rather disappointed by it and didn't find it all that good. However, many seemed to enjoy it.

alycakes4103d ago

I never saw it or heard about it. I go to sometimes because I can get new releases a lot cheaper there but I don't remember that one...oh well, from what you say I didn't miss much.

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The story is too old to be commented.