Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Review - WGTC

In this latest installment, Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, we see Jack being used by the wonderfully depicted Black Beard (Ian McShane), in the search to find the fountain of youth. It has been prophesized that Black Beard is to be killed by a one armed legged man, and so the fountain is necessary for his survival.

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Soldierone4520d ago

What's up with this movie getting medicore reviews? Is it just because its a blockbuster film, or because its Pirates and people are a bit more criticizing to that?

Quagmire4520d ago

Both i suppose. Seems the norm for film critics to bash anything which is either mainstream or a huge money maker.

Blockbusters are films for filmic purposes imo, theyre not supposed to inspire or educate or innovate or have deep underlying themes, meanings and interpretations. Only for pure entertaintainment, and thats why critics cant learn to switch off their brains and actually ENJOY a film for once.

Megaton4519d ago

I'll probably end up seeing this when it hits Netflix regardless of quality just because I've seen the others.

Sahil4518d ago

Awesome movie, awesome acting by Johnny depp once again.. and he'll surely be back.

alycakes4517d ago

Yes he will...he'll be back like he always is. Everyone that casts Johnny Depp knows they will be laughing all the way to the bank no matter what the critics say so they don't worry about that either.

He's a great performer and that is that.


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