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Restless Review - WGTC

In Restless we are introduced to Enoch Brae (Henry Hopper), an adolescent male who seems to be obsessed with death. Maybe of little surprise when we learn that both of his parents were killed in a car crash; an event in which he also died for a number of minutes, before spending weeks in a coma. So big is his obsession that his days are spent attending the funerals of strangers, and playing battleships with his companion Hiroshi – the ghost of a Japanese Kamikaze Pilot whom only Enoch can see and hear.

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DOG: Restless Review

DOG: Gus Van Sant has been known to deviate between the experimental and the mainstream during his career, but for every Milk or Good Will Hunting, there is a film such as Restless, which employs many of the director’s strengths but somehow seems to organise them into something twee and unappealing.

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Hot Clip: Gus Van Sant’s ‘Restless’

Deadline says:

Starring Mia Wasikowska and Henry Hopper (Dennis Hopper’s son), this Sony Pictures Classics coming-of-age film from Imagine Entertainment opened September 16 in Los Angeles and New York City and expands to more cities October 14 and subsequent weekends.

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Director Gus Van Sant Interview About Restless

"Restless tells the story of Annabel Cotton (Mia Wasikowska), a terminally ill teenage girl that falls for a unique young man, named Enoch Brae (Henry Hopper), who likes to attend funerals." This brings in director Gus Van Sant and a recent interview he did for his latest film.

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StarWarsFan4603d ago

I'd love to see Gus Van Sant return to the glory he had with Good Will Hunting. He just needs the right material.