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Midnight In Paris Review - WGTC

Midnight In Paris starts off with a montage of images from the Parisian district. There are quaint side streets, looming shots of the Eiffel Tower and Arc De Triumph, and scenes of such innocence and unimportance that it almost borders of voyeurism. The sequence is perhaps too lengthy some would argue, however what that succeeds in doing is showing us that the majority of life even within the most picturesque setting, has an overriding sense of normality which with it can also bring beauty.

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What the Movies of 2012 Can Learn From Those of 2011

Tom Heistuman: It hurts to admit this, but I went to the movie theater less in 2011 than I ever have in the ten years since I started working and could afford to go whenever I wanted. It wasn't necessarily the quality of the movies in 2011 but more the lack of ambition. I just didn't feel like I needed to go and see that many movies. With that being said, I will use my favorite movies from last year to illustrate what I would like to see more of in 2012.

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Sean’s Top 10 Films of 2011

Sean of Trendy Gamers: 2011 has validated my continued passion for film with a slew of ambitious and riveting films. It’s never easy to place judgment on somebody else’s work, but as a fan of all genres, here are my top ten films of 2011.

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alycakes4342d ago

I want to see The Decendants, Girl With The Dragon Tatoo, and Drive and I've see Warrior and MI4 and Drive and don't really care to see the others....maybe 13 Assassins...maybe someday.

TrendyGamers4341d ago

No Jack and Jill though, tsk tsk.

aDDicteD4341d ago

hmmm,, haven't watched the descendants yet

TrendyGamers4341d ago

I haven't either but its getting so much acclaim that I just might have to.


Midnight in Paris Blu-ray Review - WGTC

Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "Woody Allen‘s most financially successful movie just might be his best. Midnight in Paris is a magical experience that takes you by surprise and never let’s go. It reminds you why you love going to the movies so much and it re-establishes Woody Allen as a director that can still make high quality films. He’s made dozens of great films, but recently he’s hit a slump in quality and most fans feared his best was behind him, but Midnight in Paris changes that mindset. It’s an easy going romance with a historical twist that is sure to please."

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aDDicteD4350d ago

interesting,, haven't watched this one yet