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‘Smallville’ Review: Series Finale - TVoTV

The Voice Of TV: It is the silent fear of every fan who chooses to invest themselves emotionally in a series for any length of time that this series will, at some point, let them down. For some shows, this happens after the flashy pilot episode moves aside to reveal a weak underlying structure in the everyday episodes. Others last a few years beyond that before losing the vision and either “jumping the shark” or merely fizzling into oblivion. Some enjoy massive popularity from start to finish.

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mindedone4103d ago

I was more or less happy with the was much more impressive than the last few episodes in the season. It almost makes me wish there were a new lois and clark.

blazsox4103d ago

Just not Dean Cain right?

alycakes4101d ago

Dean Cain was okay back then but Tom Welling has done very well on Smallville. The finale was slow the first hour but picked up at he end. I was pleased with the way they ended it.