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'Highlander' Is Still Very Much On 'Fast Five' Director Justin Lin's Radar

MTV: They say there can only be one in the "Highlander" universe, and when it comes to the franchise's upcoming reboot at Summit, it looks like "Fast Five" director Justin Lin is still the one to bring the movie to life — even if buzz on the project has slowed to a crawl in the past year.

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darklordzor4103d ago

I was really hoping he'd get to this before he did the Terminator film, but since things seem to be moving quickly on the Terminator front, I guess Highlander will just have to keep waiting... *sigh*

alycakes4101d ago

That's a bummer! Highlander has always been one of my favorite. I love the original with Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery but I like the tv series too with Adrian Paul. The Queen soundtrack was also the best with the sword fights.

Man....I'm going to have to go pull it out now and watch it.