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Universal Pushes 'Dark Tower,' Attempts To Trim Budget

Deadline says:

Universal Pictures has pushed this year's start date on the Ron Howard-directed adaptation of Stephen King's mammoth novel series Dark Tower until February, I'm told. It was supposed to start this summer. The studio will work with the filmmakers to reduce the budget on a series that will include three feature films and two limited-run TV series.

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Crazay4109d ago

I'm happy to know they're at least not killing the project. It would be an awful shame if they did.

Soldierone4108d ago

The only thing Im worried now is that they half ass it and cut corners to get it out. I want to see it, but I want it to be good. If you can't do it right then don't do it at all.

Otherwise we will get a reboot and have to watch it all over again.

Crazay4108d ago

HAHAHAH - I get what you;re saying there Soldier. To be honest, I'd be ok with a 6+ hr mini series on TV.

alycakes4107d ago

I just don't want them to build everyone up and then cut the project not that I know all about it. Before when I knew absolutely nothing about something called "Dark Tower" I would have cared less. Now all you guys have got me interested.

Ron Howard though....shouldn't he be able to get this done?