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More ‘Spider-Man’ Set Photos Including Pics of Uncle Ben’s Death Scene

On Location Vacations says:

We received a few more photos taken on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man in Woodside, Queens over the past two nights where they have been filming the scene where Peter’s Uncle Ben dies.

In the first set of photos below, sent to us by one of our readers @webhead1974, you can see Andrew Garfield and Martin Sheen filming Uncle Ben’s emotional final scene in the movie.

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E3exponews4107d ago

Ahh I have a hard time warming up to all that is the new Spider-Man movie. I'm sure it's going to be good and I definitely want to see it but I think that a reboot of a modern movie from just several years ago is undeeded. Cool pics though from the set.

Crazay4107d ago

I know how you feel E3 - it just seems that the series is still too new to be rebooting it. I don't know what series I would have liked to see but I'm still not of the opinion that Spider-man needs revisiting...At least not with an Origins story.

jony_dols4106d ago

Toby Maguire has only just hit puberty &
Sony are already rebooting the series....

Batman & Superman were acceptable franchises to reboot,
but Spiderman certainly doesn't deserve it yet.

Megaton4106d ago

I feel pretty much the same way, minus the "I'm sure it's going to be good and I definitely want to see it" I'm not really warming up to this at all, and I think it's completely unnecessary to reboot a modern series of films.

Crazay4107d ago

Sighh - Origins...With great power comes great responsibility....Blah blah blah.

mindedone4107d ago

I didn't even know this was going to be an origins story...really, EVERYONE has seen the first one, we can reboot without knowing how he got there, can't we?

Crazay4107d ago

ya I totally agree with you. With any luck this is going to be more like The Incredible Hulk they way they showed the origins.

tunaks14107d ago

Still don't feel like a reboot is necessary

Crazay4107d ago

You are not wrong sir. A Reboot is is too soon.

JL4107d ago

Soon enough somebody will take the risk of rebooting without doing an origins and they'll see that the movie-going public can keep up and aren't stupid and that they (we) appreciate the fresh idea and that idea will take off. We'll finally start getting fresh stories that continue the legacies of our favorite superheroes rather than simply seeing the same stuff over and over again like the superhero's career has been chopped and looped.

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