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X-Men: First Class TV Spots Have Magneto Hitting Himself

CinemaBlend says:

With X-Men: First Class set to be released in less than a month, the last few weeks have been littered with various teasers, clips, trailers and TV spots. Compared to the last few, this week has actually been fairly low on material, so Marvel is here to close out the week X-Men-style.

The comic book giant has released two brand new TV spots for the superhero film/period piece and considering each one is only a little over 30 seconds long, they actually manage to include quite a bit of new footage, including a look at some of our favorite older mutants as young children and what appears to be Magneto punching himself in the face. Is it all new stuff? Not exactly. Is it still worth a watch? Absolutely.

Check out the clips below and for more on X-Men: First Class be sure to head over to our Blend Film Database.

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mindedone4674d ago

I don't see the nelson moment

mindedone4674d ago

I was expecting to see some bully making Magneto hit himself, but I didn't see any hitting at all.

Megaton4674d ago

I've been seeing the long version of this trailer on Comedy Central a lot this past week. It's really beginning to grow on me.

Crazay4674d ago

Ya? I'm still not sold on it completely but I figure I'll watch it.

Megaton4673d ago

I wasn't before. Just looking at the poster of the cast I was immediately turned off. I'm diggin' the trailer, though.


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