Congratulations on an Epic Series Finale, Smallville

From Paul Gale Network: "Today marks the day that many of us Smallville fans around the world were waiting for, for the last 10 years: the day Clark Kent learned how to fly and officially became Superman. Throughout the entire series finale, despite previously learning that we would in fact see Tom Welling bust open his work shirt to reveal the Superman outfit beneath, I didn’t know how much, if any, of the whole Superman we would get to see. Fortunately, Smallville truly delivered by bringing us an epic end to so many TV viewers’ favorite show."

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nfourgtoday4521d ago

This episode did everything it needed to do - paying true justice to the series and to us fans. I loved it and can't believe how much Superman we actually got.

DolfZigglers4521d ago

Aaaah Smallville the show that persevered through everything. Not even the writer's strike in season 7 could hold you back from having a complete season. As the article suggested great episode and a great ending to one of my favorite scifi series ever.

OldSchoolGamer34521d ago

I wonder why they were so particular with not having one clear defining shot up close of Tom Welling in the whole suit with his face visible and all. It's like the plane shot with him out the window didn't show him entirely. The end where he opened the shirt didn't have his head in the frame the whole time. The shots where it was the full Superman kinda had him further away without seeing his face too clearly. I guess it doesn't matter but it would have been extra nice. Maybe it's greedy but I was hoping to see him come down on the roof of the Daily Planet in the whole suit to talk to Lois like the movies or down to the people or something. Still A+!!!

alycakes4519d ago

Well...he kinda did at a distance when he saved everyone at the end. They just didn't show a really good close up of him.

E3exponews4520d ago

I'm surprised that Smallville never got a video game made out of it. It lasted throughout two generations of video game consoles and handhelds and was a popular scifi show on mainstream TV. Also too bad that the next Superman movie wasn't a direct continuation from Smallville with Tom Welling, Erica Durance, and so on.

That probably would have made for a good movie if done right and no it wouldn't have to be a Superman's beginning story necessarily. Just a few minutes devoted to a couple of his early heroic deeds and the rest of the movie be about a main obstacle he'd have to overcome. Such as a true Darkseid encounter all epic-like how they're doing with the Green Lantern film (space travel etc.)

Regardless the series finale was emotional and I'll probably dig deep and buy the ultimate box set (as long as its' less than $200). Thanks Smallville!

mindedone4520d ago

I'm sorry to say this, but for some reason I think that Welling might not have had the BODY to pull of the costume. In the last few seasons, he had been a little doughy for the superman part. We all know he wants to play the superman part, so I doubt it was Welling's decision.

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