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GamesEyeView: Interview with Jack Gill, Stunt Coordinator for Fast Five

GEV says: If you could design the perfect stunt coordinator for a high-action movie with fast cars and insane stunts, chances are you’d probably want a guy with over 30 years in the business and extensive experience doing vehicle stunts. You’d want someone who’s been a stunt driver for TV shows and in major films. But you’d also want him to have experience running and entire stunt team as well.

In other words, you’d want somebody like Jack Gill.

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OldSchoolGamer34104d ago

Jack Gill is more than competent so I'll assume that the stunts in Fast Five were handled well..despite not seeing it myself just yet.

mindedone4103d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie myself. It was completely over the top, but the action was very satisfying.

Nightshade3864103d ago

Jack was a thrill to sit down with. His excitement about the vault scene in particular really shines through when you talk to him.

alycakes4099d ago

I finally got to the movies and saw this yesterday and really did like this movie. At first I asked myself "What more can they possibly do that they haven't done already?" Was I surprised!

This was fun to watch...the action, the cars, the stunts, the fight between, Dwayne and Van...but most of all it was fun see all those characters come back together again. That is what truely made this movie work.

The short clip at he end was a little suspicious too and makes me wonder what is yet to come. Do we believe in ghosts?