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Player Affinity | The Office - Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager Review

Player Affinity writes: As part of a bridge between Michael leaving and the writers deciding who will be the boss next year (they literally haven't decided yet), an episode with Dwight finally in charge was better than I expected.

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OldSchoolGamer34104d ago

Strong review and it surprised me as well to see an episode where Dwight took control..but more surprisingly is how well it turned out. I wish the producers well and hope that their boss next year wll be an intelligent pick.

-MD-4103d ago

GREAT episode. Laughed more during Dwight's reign as regional manager than most of the season.

I hope they finish off strong next week. Team Arnett!

tunaks14103d ago

an amazing episode, much better then previous one.
Too bad Dwight screwed everything up, he would have been an awesome boss!