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Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'Ringer' To Get Picked Up By CW

Deadline says

Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning to primetime as her CBS pilot Ringer is being picked up to series. But in a surprising twist, the series is going to CBS' sibling CW. With its serialized nature and young skew, Ringer is probably better suited for the CW. It brings back Gellar to the network that replaced the WB and UPN, the two weblets which aired her breakout series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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DolfZigglers4105d ago

I was all over Buffy the Vampire Slayer when it was on TV back in the day. Loved the show and loved Gellar. Totally willing to check out Ringer and hope it's good too.

Crazay4105d ago

It might be alright. I suspect that it won't last long

alycakes4103d ago

I think it will last for a while. She's better than people give her credit. I know I'll watch and I'm glad the CW is picking her up now that Smallville is gone it'll be a good addition to Supernatural. The story line sounds interesting. I've been reading about it for a while so I'm really hoping for the best on this one.

I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer too.....still watch it at least once a year...all 7 seasons.

Crazay4102d ago

HAHAHHA - That's funny you mention watching the Buffy series so regularly - my wife and i try to get to it on a regular basis too.

alycakes4102d ago

Well, I'm giving you a gold star husband claims he doesn't like it and won't sit to watch it with me. Then every once in a while he'll walk by and say "is this the one where Spike does this or is the one where Willow turns dark side and does that?" So he likes it more than he wants to admit.