LRA: Top 5 Films Featuring Rose Byrne

LRA writes: I absolutely adore Rose Byrne and have ever since I saw her in the lack luster mystery/thriller Wicker Park. Her career up to this point has been a slightly bumpy and unpredictable one with a number of her early films originating from Australia (her home country) that have gone largely unnoticed over her in America, taking the lead in a television drama for a few years that didn't work out and while doing that she has played in a wide variety of genre films ranging from hardcore Science-Fiction to straight up horror and finally landing firmly in the world of comedy. If nothing else that is proof positive of her undeniable talent that she is able to tackle so many different genres one after the other like that. At this time I am unsure what the future holds for Rose as it seems, with 3 major film releases this year alone, that she may indeed finally garner the respect she deserves.

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filmmattic4106d ago

What a coincidence. I just re-watched Sunshine last night. Spectacular!

newn4gguy4105d ago

Whoa whoa whoa...

Where is Wicker Park?!?

dweavis4104d ago

Sorry, but I didn't care for Wicker Park very much. I thought she did good in it but the movie itself was sub par in my opinion.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34104d ago

Rose Byrne and Eva Green are two actresses I wouldn't mind seeing more of.